Author Topic: Version 7.0 - Released (Build 818)  (Read 4520 times)


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Version 7.0 - Released (Build 818)
« on: October 28, 2007, 08:18:48 pm »
Release Notes for EA 7.0 Build 818

General Improvements
 Fixed saving of profiles with invalid option data in notes field.
 Exporting to correct XMI version from the Automation Interface.
 Improved loading of diagram references.
 Corrected issue when resolving replication conflicts use JET4.0 Option.
 Added support for automatic layout of sequence diagrams.

User Interface and Diagramming Changes
 Support canceling 'Synchronize Package Contents' currently in progress.
 Batch XMI Import/Export dialogs modified to exclude version controlled packages from selection list.
 Update drawing style of Interaction Occurrence when toggling timeline view.
 Aligned timing diagram timeline units to left edge of timing elements.
 Drawing of resize handles on selected boundaries with alternate images.
 Improved scroll of project browser when dragging selection above or below browser.
 Handle saving operation in operations dialog when only parameter classifier changed.

Reporting Improvements
 Font used for multi-line notes in RTF reports.
 Rendering of tagged values referencing other model elements in RTF and HTML reports.
 Handling of names containing a '\' character in HTML reports.

Database Modeling Improvements
 Corrected behavior of table column PK, Unique and Not Null options.
 Import of multiple unique constraints.
 Import of stored procedures and functions.
 Import of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for Mysql.
 Added filtering of tables and import of owner to Informix import.
 Generation of drop statement for PostgreSQL foreign keys.
 Generation of indexes for Informix databases.
 Generation of triggers using stored procedures for PostgreSQL.

Code and XML Services Modeling Improvements
 Importing of C source files without a corresponding header file.
 Support for parsing of additional Managed C++ and MFC constructs.
 Referencing the XSD constructs using the correct attribute from a WSDL message-part.
 Ensure that the WSDL file exists before importing the WSDL.

XMI Improvements
 Exporting the positions of Sequence Diagram constructs correctly to XMI 2.1.
 Exporting the GUIDs of the Lifelines that a State-Invariant covers correctly to XMI 2.1.
 Round-tripping Activity constructs and "Exception" element correctly using XMI 2.1.
 Improved import of "Keywords" and Constraints from an EMX file.
 Retaining Relationship Matrix information after an XMI import.
 Added junction kind for Synchronisation elements in XMI 2.1.