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Model Validation and SysML
« on: May 28, 2015, 06:18:26 pm »
We have been looking at using the model validation features of EA to check our SysML models.  It does not appear to be working as (we) expected.  Using an example from the 3rd edition of 'A Practical Guide to SysML' by Freidenthal et al (the camera), we create some blocks, assign flow properties to them and create a connector.  Now, the flow properties are both set to 'out' or both to 'in' which logically would suggest that there could be no real flow across the connector?  The validation does not pick this up. Admittedly the SysML1.3 profile sets these values in tags, however the validation rules that came with the profile should spot this I think.
We have tried this with and without ports and also with typing the flows - no joy.

I must be missing something obvious - any suggestions?