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Object hyperlinks in published HTML
« on: November 18, 2015, 02:06:03 am »
I am publishing a model to a web server and I would like for objects that are used within sequence diagram operations to link through ultimately to the domain model object that is reference in the input/output of the given operation.

For example in the sequence model, the operation: getAnObject(ObjectA) : ObjectB

ObjectA and ObjectB are from the domain model.  When I publish the HTML of the entire model, the messages on which the descriptions of this input/output parameters are presented on the page are not click-/hyperlink-able.

The operation has been defined against the target domain object, say DomainObjectA, which is hyperlinkable and contains the list of all its operations, of which getAnObject is one.  So in the notes of this operation I intended to compensate that lack of hyperlinkability by using the EA hyperlink to an element functionality.  But when I publish this to HTML, it is linking to an object GUID and therefore doesn’t link to the HTML of the page containing this information, say EA23.html.

I have tried other EA hyperlinking methods and none of them seem to translate to the published HTML output.  The only way I see this as possible is that if I publish the entire model, then manually identify the HTML web page, and then copy this back into the model as an absolute link.  This is painfully inefficient.

Have I completely missed something?  :-/