Author Topic: Help with the trial version of EA  (Read 1833 times)


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Help with the trial version of EA
« on: April 30, 2006, 02:43:38 am »
 Please, help me with this trouble:

I'm trying the trial version of EA. I first downloaded Enterprise Architect and give a look 63 days ago. Since I didn't have time to explore the EA, I didn't use it until today, as I decided, that I will explore the functionalities of this software for my company needs. But now I have a problem: when I started the program, I get the screen with message, that my evaluation period has expired and that I must decide, either if I want to enter extension key, buy now or continue trial. I chose "Continue Trial" and nothing happend. Then I tried to deinstall the program and downloaded new trial verison, but the same happend. Why? Is there some limit, that after 30 days you can't use EA anymore, although I downloaded the new trial version of EA (6.1. latest build)? In the FAQ site ( I found the folowing answer:" There is no difference between the trial and the full version, except the trial version will expire after 30 days and it adds an "annoying" watermark to printed diagrams and document images.". I understad this like that I still can use EA after 30 days, but I have this annoying watermark on the background. Am I wrong?

P.S.: my friend told me, that he actualy can use EA although his trial period has expired - he just have this watermark on the background.  

Please, help me with this issue.