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Class Diagram: Split
« on: October 29, 2007, 08:06:18 pm »

When you reverse-engineer a large and poorly structured package you end up with a humongous diagram with a trillion classes and a brazillion connectors.

A really useful feature for this situation would be an auto-splitter, which would split one diagram into several, where each new diagram contains only classes which have no relationships to other classes in the original diagram, only to each other.

For example, consider a package with the following contents:
Code: [Select]
class A;
class B : A;
class C : A;
class I;
class II : I;
class III : II;

The auto-splitter would, based on a diagram with all these classes, produce two diagrams, one with A, B and C, the other with I, II and III.

In addition to making the model more readable, this information would be used in refactoring to isolate mutually independent parts of a package into new packages.


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