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Sub-pane synchronization
« on: July 03, 2010, 12:13:32 pm »
This on is a bit more complex.

Some panes synchronize with other visible sub-panes, some don't.  It would be   r e a l l y  nice if there was some consistency here or at least some indication in the sub-panes as to which *&$%^&^ element/feature it was currently looking at.

For example, if we have the project browser, the Maintenance/Tasks pans, the notes pane and the tagged values pane visible, then selecting an element or feature in the project browser will immediately update the other panes.  This works for both elements and features.

However, if I use the Element Browser instead of the Project Browser
the Notes Pane and Tagged Values pane don't change when a feature is selected.
BUT!  the Maintenance/Task Pane does.

Does this irk others.  If so I'll report it, but do you reckon its a bug or a suggestion.

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Re: Sub-pane synchronization
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2010, 06:00:08 am »
I just replied to support that having duplicate views is a complete nonsense (there are two glossary views and two properties views). Not knowing what is when selected (e.g. after a search the first element is highlighted, but its properties/tags/etc. are not; only when you click it explicitely) is a PITA. All these are a bag of bugs. Meanwhile I have so many open bugs, I completely lost the overview (probably Paolo has a factor of ten or so).

To answer your question: this is a bug. Yes, yes, yes.

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