Author Topic: Version 3.00 (Build 419) released  (Read 5017 times)


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Version 3.00 (Build 419) released
« on: December 09, 2001, 05:09:46 am »
On the 9-Dec-2001
A minor release (build 419) was uploaded to the website. It included a number of bug fixes, some of which are:
- DDL generation now generates multiple foreign keys on the one table
- Hide/Unhide connections dialog from diagram context menu
- Fixed a bug when dragging operations from browser to diagram element only copying the first parameter
- Fixed aggregation of source or destination association role behaviour
- Several changes to XMI output/input
- Some changes to C++ generation to include correct headers and handle containment by value

- addition table information was added to generated RTF documentation
- hide/unhide connectors improved
- role aggregation has been improved