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Relationship between Component and interface
« on: September 13, 2016, 10:48:49 pm »

This question has already been asked in 2011, but not answered.,22440.msg190614.html#msg190614
I do have the same question and could not found any other related subjects/answers on the forums, so asking again here!

I have Components providing(/exposing) interface and other components requiring(/consuming) these interfaces. E.g. Component A EXPOSE Interface If_1 and Component B REQUIRE Interface If_1. I'm linking EXPOSE and REQUIRE with a Dependency relationship.

I would have expected to see in the relationship matrix Components A and B in relation, but this is not the case. Also I would like to be able to see all Components requiring(/consuming) a particular interface. Is there any way of linking components/interfaces to see that in the relationship matrix?

When linking components with assembly, I can see they are in relation the  relationship matrix, however I believe the information of by which interface(s) they are linked is lost (i.e. when linking components by an assembly, it does not seem there's a way to select any defined interface. Only a  "Name" could be entered


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