Author Topic: UML Profile: define stereotype & apply 1-n attribute depending on class  (Read 1481 times)

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To define a stereotype with specific tagged values for a specific element type I define an UML profile.

Now I'd like to have some tagged values of this stereotype to apply depending to which element type the stereotype was added.

Is that possible?

- ActionTV = my stereotype
- extends Action, ActivityInitial, ActivityFinal, Decision
- has attributes attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, ActionOnly, InitOnly, FinalOnly, DecisionOnly

-> visualization

importing the UML profile (or MDG technology to have toolbox) I want to create (inside activity diagram):
- stereotype "ActionTV":
- an action with tagged values            attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, ActionOnly
- an initial node with tagged values     attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, InitOnly
- an final node with tagged values       attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, FinalOnly
- an decision node with tagged values attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, DecisionOnly

- stereotype "Together"
- an action with tagged values      together1, together2, ActOnly
- an decision with tagged values   together1, together2, DecOnly

Question: is that possible?

The option "first stereotypes from each metaclass, later specialization from these to one stereotype" results in elements, that have all time all tagged values from all classes, just grouped by their original stereotype. And synchronizing one element updates all :-)
Here stereotype "Together" specializes from ActionFirst and DecisionFirst.

-  UML Profile
- Toolbox defintion for profile
- MDG of profile and toolbox
- eap where everything was defined
- picture of profile
- picture of tagged values as result

thanks, Shegit
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