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Hyperlink - EA Command - FindInProjectBrowser
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:57:55 pm »
Hej alla!

If you create a hyperlink from the Common toolbox, you can specify its type as EA Command, which gives you a dropdown list of commands to choose from. One of these is FindInProjectBrowser.

This is pretty useless, because all it does is locate the diagram in the browser. If you make a copy of it and place that in a different diagram, then that hyperlink locates the diagram it's in, not the one the original hyperlink is in. So there doesn't seem to be any deeper magic going on.

But intriguingly, if you look at the hyperlink's name in the properties window, it's $uicmd=MenuCmd;param1=FindInProjectBrowser;param2=

This certainly smells like there's an option to locate something else by specifying this other thing as the second parameter.

Is there?

If so, what is the correct format?

I've tried an element GUID, with and without quotation marks, but no joy. Am I close? Or am I chasing wild geese again?

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