Author Topic: Virtual Connector Ends –Deleting the arc (to hide it) will remove the VCE  (Read 1276 times)

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This has already been reported, but there is now a workaround!

When you create a Virtual Connector End (VCE) the Doppelganger if you try to hide the arc by pressing the delete key, the VCE will also be removed from the diagram (even though it is not selected)! Since one of the principal use cases (at least in our view) is to have multiple instances of an item visually embedded in a number of encompassing elements, this causes problems!  Interestingly, you can hide the connector itself by using the Set Visible Relations [Ctrl+Shift+I] and hiding the arc using that dialog.  Consequently, why can't we do it with just the delete key?

These types of problems could be overcome by having REAL t_diagramobjects marked as Doppelgangers.

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