Author Topic: XMI import / export support for Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)?  (Read 1305 times)


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The US Military has created FACE as a standard for, among other things, defining data models for software interfaces / data exchange. They have chosen Enterprise Architect as one of their preferred tools to create these models. They have also defined an XMI format that is the official interchange format for these models. Are there tools available to export a FACE data model from EA in the FACE XMI format? And to import a FACE XMI file into EA?  In particular, are these tools available for the FACE 3.0 standard?  If so, how do I get them?  If not, will you create them? If you won't create them, where can I get the documentation on the EA import/ export mechanism so that I can create them?


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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Just a note: this is a user forum, not an official channel for communicating with Sparx support or sales. Sparx representatives are active here, but for a specific inquiry it might be better to contact Sparx by e-mail (addresses listed here).

Sparx Systems tend to be reticent about roadmaps and future functionality, but if you can't get a satisfactory answer out of them the tool is eminently extensible, and there are several EA consultants hanging around the forum. Some of us even have extensive experience in the defence industry.  ::)

The EA API is reasonably well documented, and it is backwards-compatible over time: features are added, but rarely or never removed.

There is no specific API for the import/export functions, so you can't create a plugin that adds a particular XMI format to the XMI import/export dialogs, but you can always write your own import/export functions. They can be integrated into the EA GUI, just not into the regular XMI functionality.


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Hi - we are Sparx Systems for North America and support various clients using FACE.
There is a toolkit listed at this page:
With a specific data modeling download kit for Sparx listed:
Enterprise Architect support for FACE Edition 2.1 Data Modeling
FACE Edition 2.1 EA Data Model Profile and Plugins NAVAIR Public Release 2015-746
Please let me know if we can help you further!