Author Topic: Scripting DocumentGenerator Methods > InsertCoverPageDocument Report Constants  (Read 261 times)

Jasper Braakhuis

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When generating a document with the DocumentGenerator Class Methods I encounter several problems:
1. The "InsertCoverPageDocument" method does work, but all my Report Constants (default tagged values of the master document package such as "ReportTitle", "ReportVersion") are empty in the generated document
2. Somehow the "DocumentPackage" method only generates the actual package but not the contained elements.
3. I am unable to use my Fragment Selector template, have tried the "DocumentElement" method but no result.

Searching for better ways to generate an RTF, I found the "RunReport" method from the Project Class. Although it works, I cannot select a cover page, table of contents or stylesheet.

The document generator (F8 in EA user interface) works fine, so I was expecting simple script calls to make it work. Am I overlooking something?