Author Topic: State Machines; Concurrent Sate Regions: What a mess!!!!!!!  (Read 1364 times)


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Seen in Build 1502 and 1428!

I tried to reduce the height of a SysML state machine frame, having concurrent state regions, a little bit. This caused the concurrent state regions repositioned vertically in a way that the states are not anymore in the right regions. Even worse the regions moved down and finally this diagram frame was higher in size rather than smaller. Each try to fix that, caused the regions to go deeper and deeper and the diagram frame height became higher and higher.

So I tried to fix that, with build 1428, but at the end I got a diagram frame covering over 50 pages in height.

The only way to get that fixed, was using V13, however moving 6 concurrent state regions over 50 pages up is really a imposition.
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Peter Heintz