Author Topic: Migration from RSA 9.x into EA  (Read 324 times)


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Migration from RSA 9.x into EA
« on: June 14, 2019, 07:27:02 pm »
Hi all.

We're facing a migration project for a customer from RSA 9.x to EA.
The problem is that there are many, many models in EMX files, including EFX fragment files, and logically with RSA-like internal references. Models are organized in Eclipse-like projects; several "root-level" projects and a lot of cross-references.

For example; the structure seems as:

+ [Proj 01]
    + Model01.emx
    + Model02.emx
           --> References Fragment01.efx like: "platform:/resource/Proj%2001/Fragment01.efx"
    + Model03.emx
        --> References "SubModel..."
        + SubModel01.emx
           --> References Fragment01.efx like: "platform:/resource/Proj%2001/Fragment01.efx"
              --> References Fragment01.efx like: "platform:/resource/Proj%2001/Fragment01.efx"

When trying to see how EA performs the EMX-files import, I can see that over 90% works fine, BUT... there are errors. Looking at the "import.log" file there is not many information about "which element fails" or similar, and also EA does not details the failure reason.

Another question is that "EA EMX Import" can handle multiple EMX files... BUT in the same folder. If there are several EMX files in multiple folders or subfolders (remember: cross-references) the import does not work properly. So I decide to dive into XML files.

AFAIK, RSA models are, internally, Eclipse-like project files, so all internal cross-references follow Eclipse-like references, i.e.: "platform:/resource/..." I don't know whether EA can handle these "global" references and/or if there is any option to "map" these kind of things.

On the other side, I don't know if someone knows if there is any kind of tool/plugin, "how-to" or whatever to "convert" RSA 9.x EMX/EFX files to be imported correctly by EA.

Many thanks to all in advance.

-- Arturo