Author Topic: Traceability information Missing for Extended Class (UML)  (Read 2297 times)


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Hi all,

Hope you can provide some help.

I have used the Extension relationship within the Metamodel Toolbox to extend Class 1 from metaclass Class (UML extension) so that Class 1 is a subtype of the Metaclass Class.

However, in the traceability window, when I select Class 1, I am unable to see the link/association to the metaclass from where it was extended from.

I have looked into the example provided by EA and the example uses an association relationship with a stereotype of <<extends>>. With that example, I am able to view the traceability information and am able to see that Class 1 is  Associated to Class.

For UML, is there a difference between using association relationship with <<extends>> stereotype (as in the EA UML stereotype example) vs. using the Extension relationship within the Metamodel Toolbox?

Many thanks for your help!
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