Author Topic: The last tree item in Browser is not selectable if the hor. scroll bar is active  (Read 3040 times)


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Bug description: Bug in Browser (Project) – last tree item is not selectable with the mouse when horizontal scroll bar is active.

Bug reproduction:

1)   Open EAExample project.

2)   Select the root node in the Browser / Project.
        All following actions should be done via mouse.

3)   Open the nodes til the horizontal scroll bar appears.
For example, open the nodes: Domain Specific Modeling; BPMN; E-mail voting Example (this is an example of the nodes list that reproduces the needed conditions for me; it depends on the screen resolution and Browser window size).

4)   Scroll the project tree down so that the node “Pro Cloud Server” gets visible.

5)   Try to select the node “Pro Cloud Server” with the mouse pointer. For me it does not function.

Note that the last item is still selectable with the keyboard.

   Screen resolution: 1920x1080
   Windows 7 Pro
   EA v15.0.1507
   The EA window is maximized

Bug reported.

Best regards