Author Topic: v15 – Navigation Cell dialog doesn’t remember the last selection, when multiple  (Read 2050 times)

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When you drag multiple diagrams onto another diagram, the Dialog pops up asking you what type of an instance you want to create.  If you select (o) Navigation Cell, then you have to select the Navigation Cell image for EACH diagram.  There needs to be a  [ ] Do the same for the rest checkbox to save you having to enter multiple clicks and scrolls (and perhaps make mistakes).  At a minimum (and in addition, if the above checkbox is NOT set), it should remember the last selected image.

I had 30 such diagrams to process.  It was a PAIN!

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Actually these navigation cells are a pain. What should all those icons stand for? It's a long list of completely unrelated icons. If there were basically some sort of tagging and sorting them. Or if they had some pre-defined tags. But this way it just looks like on my tinkering desk.