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Edit Email Templates
« on: September 20, 2019, 10:40:50 pm »
It's in our product backlog to let users edit the email templates through a user interface within Prolaborate. Please drop in a comment if you are interested and we will share an update once it is available.

But if you want to edit the templates immediately, here is an alternate way involving SQL experts. The email templates are stored as SQL queries in a table called MailerTemplates in the Prolaborate database. You can edit just the text as per your requirements.

Here is the link to download the templates and a document that has the details of the template (Get the credentials from the Prolaborate team).

Important Notes:
1. Email notifications are sent to a user based on their Notification Settings
2. Any issues in email templates can crash the Mailer. Please test before a template is used in Production
3. The variables cannot be reused across the templates
4. Please download the document to your desktop if the content is getting cropped when you view it from Google Viewer

The signature in all emails to your users can be modified by editing the EmailSignature field in the General Settings table.
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