Author Topic: Can I control the order of <<model document>>'s within a <<master document>>?  (Read 68 times)


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I have a <<master document>> in place all wonderfully setup, with templates and two <<model documents>>. The report generates fine, however, the order of <<model documents>> is wrong. How can I rearrange this? It seems as though the order is based on the order within the package. Yes, I could rename these things and get the order, but what if the name that I want has to be that way? Is there another way to control the order?

Geert Bellekens

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Yes, you can control the order of the model documents with the arrows (up/down) on top of the project browser.
If they are not enabled, there is an setting somewhere in the options to enable/disable alphabetic order



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Just to clarify: the order in wich model documents are assembled is the same order in which they appear in the browser, not in your diagram.