Author Topic: Extend Composite Diagram Preview  (Read 2593 times)


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Extend Composite Diagram Preview
« on: March 30, 2020, 11:27:27 pm »
Hi all,

15.1 brings the Composite Diagram Preview, which pops an eye icon above a selected element with a composite diagram, and shows a preview of that diagram when the icon is clicked.
This is very useful, since it keeps the first diagram in view while showing the preview of the second. Quick, easy, minimal cognitive load.

The eye icon is also shown when selecting a navigation cell, but not in other similar cases, which seems to me a non-intuitive restriction.
The preview should be available at least for all cases where double-clicking an element in a diagram opens another diagram:
  • CallBehavior action with a classifier with a composite diagram
  • Package with at least one diagram
  • Diagram hyperlink
  • Diagram reference (NB not the diagram frame, which shows the linked diagram's content)
Adding these would make the preview behaviour consistent with the double-click behaviour.

I also wouldn't mind extending the preview function to include any element which contains a diagram, although that would not be consistent with the double-click behaviour since that only opens a composite diagram, not a non-composite contained one (except for packages).

Next, image boundaries and image assets. While these show their respective content, they can be resized. A preview showing the image as it appears in the image library / artifact could conceivably be useful. Plus the image asset can be switched to info view, in which case a preview is definitely useful.

Finally, document artifacts. A preview showing the first page would be somewhat, though not massively, useful.

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