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Keyboard shortcut to open file
« on: June 23, 2020, 05:58:27 pm »

If you store a file path in an element's Filename property, you can hit F12 (with the element selected) to view the file (in EA's text editor). This is useful.

You can also store file paths and URLs in an element's list of Files (in the property dialog), and Launch them with a button (starting another program to view the file). This is also useful.

It would be usefuler still if there was a keyboard shortcut for this latter function -- Ctrl-F12 or something.

This should:
  • =1 File in the list: Launch the File;
  • >1 Files in the list: Pop a selector dialog that contains all the element's Files with Path/URL, Type and Notes, and then launch the selected one on OK;
  • =0 Files in the list: Open the properties dialog to the Files tab.
A few notes.

The Filename-view function only works on files. While you can input anything into the property value, such as a URL, EA won't open it. It has to be a file (it can't even be a directory).
The File-launch on the other hand can handle both files and "web addresses", ie URLs. There is no requirement that the protocol must be HTTP(S) or anything, so any registered protocol will work (registered in Windows, that is; it's Windows that does the actual launching).

I'm not proposing making any changes to the Filename-view function. That's used in source code engineering, and can be abused in other situations, it's great the way it is.
I'm also not proposing any changes to how the File list works. This is just a way of making it a little more user friendly.

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