Author Topic: PCS Keystore feature configuration and usage and more generally activity logging  (Read 60 times)


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Hi guys,
we have a need to track users activity through PCS.
We used to track it with keys checkin / checkout in keystore service but as far as I know when we use keystore feature of PCS there's no more logging.
Regarding the use of PCS keystore feature, is there a way to use it without providing user / password ? When I want to register an EA Client, user / Password is required.

More generally, we would like to track user activity through PCS, is there any way to acheive it ?

Many thanks

Aaron B

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Log entries such as checkouts and checkins for the PCS Floating License Server should be available in the PCS log files. (Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\Service\Logs)

A Username and Password is required to access the PCS Floating License Server.

When using floating licenses the logs can tell you some basic information such as checkout and checkin times, but other than that there is no other explicit way to track user activity that I'm aware of.