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Version management in server based repositories
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:43:27 pm »
We are thinking about using EA to support development of a product line focusing on embedded software and electronics, not necessarily for code generation, but at least to keep description and code in synch as well as how the electronics evolve. Thus there will quite many simultaneous users spread over the globe and I have understood that server based repository is perhaps the best things in such a distributed world. However it will be a key for us to keep track of versions (and might be that we need branching as well), but I have hard to found information on how versioning is working in a server based repository approach.
- Can anyone give a link that describes how version management works in server-based repositories?
- What is the forum experience on this topic?

I have been using the EA build in integration with version management tools, in our case Clear Case. However the company is for some reason about to throw that out and for source code it has been replaced with Git. I am not sure that this will scale up fully to work with another such CM application. Git is on the other hand working very different than many classic CM tools. What is your experience in scaling up EA + CM-tools with many simultaneous users?