Author Topic: v15.2 – [Ctrl+Shift+Y] - When Resizing Elements DOESN’T Work!  (Read 3448 times)

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Using the [Ctrl+Shift+Y] Compartment Visibility dialog The section "When Resizing Elements" DOESN’T Work!
If you ask it to (o) Resize to longest Feature you don't get that result after a certain (apparently fixed and unmodifiable size).  If the feature is longer than this magical size, you get an interposed ellipsis (which negates the intent of the option)!

The ellipsis should appear when you (o) Truncate Features  and the width of the item is smaller than the rendered length of the item.  Otherwise, it shouldn't appear.  Incidentally, the ellipsis DOESN'T appear here suggesting that the code has been implemented "volte-face"!

Perhaps an additional property [<value>] Ellipsis at could be used to enforce the ellipsis on a per-item per-diagram basis when appropriate.

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