Author Topic: v15.2 - Inconsistencies between Database Builder Differences options  (Read 1648 times)

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When one first reverse engineers a DB via the Database Builder one can make a selection that filters the DB Items to only those selected.  One such filter (the principal subject of this post/defect) is the ability to filter out system items.

If you then try and show differences (typically) after there have been changes to the operational DB, this option is NOT available.  In a particular case, the System Objects (functions, procedures etc.) suddenly appeared in the differences list.  I admit I hadn't noticed this before, but it is certainly happening with this DB.

Of note is that we transferred this DB RE package between repositories, but I would have expected that the properties of the RE would be somehow attached to the package.

When we saw the system items pop up in the "Show Differences" we thought we should correct it with the "Show DIfferences with Options" menu option, but there was no mechanism to suppress the System Objects.

Anyone else seen this, any solution?

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