Author Topic: Diffenet code page in field Name and Notes? Problem with export of Notes  (Read 1764 times)


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I have list of functional requirements in my model and diagram.
For each requirement is filled at least field Name and Notes. When I export list of requirements to CSV (via EA csv export/import tool) text in Name field is exported correctly, but the same text in Notes is in different code page, so intead of
REQ AM4: 019 ť  I will get REQ AM4: 019 íáýáýáýťáíé

I have set in Manage project option - Source code engineering to code page (65001 UTF-8).
I have tried different code pages, result is the same.
What could be the problem and solution?




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Which EA version? Which database? If eap: have you turned on Jet4?



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It's not a code page issue.

EA explicitly writes character references from some characters within the notes.

However, we do have a confirmed issue in our list that the CSV export should be converting these back to raw text.