Author Topic: Enforce required MDG when a wizard template is added  (Read 3287 times)


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Enforce required MDG when a wizard template is added
« on: October 01, 2021, 07:54:15 pm »
When one of my wizard templates from my MDG is applied to a user's model then any future opening of that model requires my MDG. It would be useful in the definition of the model template to specify that the MDG from which it is being generated is required for opening of the model. This can currently (as far as I can tell from the documentation) only be done manually by a user (Configure > Model > Options > MDG Technologies).

It should be an option (someone could create a template that only uses diagrams and elements from outside the MDG).

I would propose an extra optional parameter that can be specified in the MTS file defining the model in the ModelTemplates section, this could be MDGRequired = "true" where the MDG of the template is required or it could be MDGRequired = "mdgname,mdgname" where one or more specific MDGs are required (this is more generic and caters for an template containing elements from multiple MDGs and/or where the templates are intended to generate model sections based on some other MDG).

This could be extended to include MDGDisabled to specify MDGs that must not be enabled for use with the template.

I can see how there is potential for conflict if either a stated MDGRequired has already been placed in the Disabled category from the menu or a MDGDisabled has been placed in the Required category. This would probably need to be resolved anyway (for example if SysML were disabled but the template included some elements from the SysML technology there could be an issue right now).