Author Topic: How to use the image asset functionality in a new stereotyped element in MDG  (Read 1262 times)


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Hi all,

First of all I use the EA 15.2.1555.

I am trying to define a new Stereotype in my MDG that behaves similarly to the Image Asset element from the Artifacts Compartment in the Toolbox.

My goal is to achieve that the user can drag the corresponding element from the toolbox to the diagram pane and double-click it to open the Image Asset pop-up window. (see Figure 1)

Figure 1

I have defined it like this. (see picture 2)

Figure 2

But unfortunately, this does not work.

I have done the same with a similar task. At that time it was about defining a stereotype JSON, which behaves the same way as a Document Artifact, i.e. that a Document opens when the element is opened by double-clicking on it. (see figure 3)
At that time it worked.

Figure 3

Sometimes one works in the EA and the other not or different, has anyone ever defined an element that should behave like an image?

Thanks for your reply.