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SD weirdness
« on: October 17, 2021, 11:15:03 pm »
Two things: (zero is the weird "Unsaved changes"). First if I change the message to "New" the message ends in the middle of the object square. It needs to be moved to get the arrow attached to the right position. Second, if you change a message to a Return it ends still as procedure call one level up. You need to "fix" that by "Extend Source Activation Up". Pretty sure that had been better in 13.5 and before. (Third was the moving messages I already ranted about not too long ago.)

Nobody else to report that as bug or has everyone given up reporting bugs since Sparx won't fix them anyway?


P.S. You can click the little arrow on the Return message for the activation level as well. Just repeat it if you are curious. Why is it that each day I get more confirmed that Sparxian are *really* from another planet?
P.P.S Now that activation level arrow has vanished. Must have gone back to it's origin planet.
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