Author Topic: Is it possible to join signals into the strucutre on ACT (SysML)?  (Read 4916 times)


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Is it possible to simplify an Activity diagram in a way that I can easily join several signals into one structural signal? For example I calculate object position, speed and acceleration but I would like to output signal of a type 'object state', of cource using InterfaceBlock with proper set of FlowProperties (position, speed, ...).

Fork seems to be the closest solution for that but according to my understanding it can route just the same types of tokens. Or anyone thinks it is allowed to extend its purpose. I know that in such joining of signals it has to be guaranteed that all elements arrive a 'joining element' simultanously but let assume we satisfy this need.

If not a Fork, the only sollution I see is to place an Action which the only function is to receive n-inputs and output one structure but I don't like the fact that we use Action for something so trivial. In MATLAB we have Bus Creator/Bus Selector (or simpler elements: Mux/Demux) and this is what I need in SysML as well.

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