Author Topic: Question on UML Notation [Crosspost]  (Read 2739 times)


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Question on UML Notation [Crosspost]
« on: September 04, 2003, 12:34:28 pm »

Sorry for the cross-post, but I just realized that this is the more appropriate forum:

While reading the UML 2.0 Specs, at, I noticed the use of  
- <<enumeration>> stereotype
- a 'copy' of a class in the same diagram

As an example, you can look at Figure 6 in section 7.3.

How would I create an <<enumeration>> stereotype in EA?  How would I create the individual literals?

The 'copy of a class' is a word I made up, to refer to a 'reference to a class already on the diagram'.  It is a simple box, with no methods or attributes (see the 'NamedElement' in the middle).  Of course, it isn't really a 'Class Diagram' per se so I may be out to lunch on using this concept.

However, I always have lines going between a specialization back to its generalization, and it would be much clearer to have the 'copy reference' instead.

Gary Wong