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Re: Activity vs. Use Case
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Trying to answer your questions bottom up:
Ericson Penker: I started reading about these extensions just a few weeks ago. I still have to fit this with another recent book ( that does not mention EP at all (however, I liked it). I read the white paper from Sparx and was happy with that - actually I added the extension and I try to get familiar with it (not too bad so far :-)

Activity vs. Use Case: My original problem came from the different methodologies between the book I mentioned above where stereotyped use cases were used for business processes. EA is using stereotype activities. Here my confusion started. I was asking myself: what is a business process in UML terms?

My (current) conclusion: as there is no general way, I'm free in what I can do. I started reading about EP and that helps a lot. Furthermore I'm still ROSE-biased which I try to shake off since I'm focusing on EA.