Author Topic: Version 3.50 - Build 589 released  (Read 2508 times)


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Version 3.50 - Build 589 released
« on: January 04, 2003, 02:56:16 am »
Changes in Build 589
- Added CSV import/export capability for elements (basic properties only)
     * Set CSV Specifications in Project/CSV Specification
     * Import/Export from/to CSV on project browser, package right click menu - Import&Export/CSV Import-Export
     * Use GUID field to export / modify element in CSV file /  re-import and update exisiting classes (round trip with other tools)
- Modified diagram layout and autosize routines to avoid problem of overlapping elements in large diagrams
- Modified Diagram layout function in automation interface to avoid overlapping elements
- Modified UML Pattern function to ensure all pasted elements appear in project tree immediately (reload not required)
- Modified 'Drop From Tree' function for sequence diagrams, so that pasted elements appear where dropped, not in the leftmost position
- Fixed bug which prevented Sceanrio notes being updated from the automation interface (Scenario object)
- Modified RTF Style function to correctly include customized "Basic Style" when available and selected
- Added underlining to Node and Component instance names
- Modified Tagged Value drop list in Object, Attribute and Operation dialogs to allow scrolling of Value content
- Modified Column Name edit box in Attribute dialog for tables to allow names up to 255
- Added check when creating Generalization to take IsRoot and IsLeaf attributes into account
- Added support for Windows XP Themes. EA dialogs etc. now adopt theme specified in Windows XP Appearance dialog. (XP only)