Author Topic: Enterprise Architect 3.51 Released  (Read 2903 times)


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Enterprise Architect 3.51 Released
« on: January 30, 2003, 07:33:02 pm »
Enterprise Architect Version 3.51 - Build 600 released 31-Jan-2003

Changes in Build 600 (Release 3.51)

Main UML toolbox modified to be dockable
Main UML toolbox folders and contents modified to better reflect UML naming conventions and process
Addition of context menu submenu on dependency added to support easy selection of dependency stereotypes
Ability to "click, place and drop" elements from the new toolbox (as well as drag and place as usual)
Addition of ability to select an object in docked property window/relations page and place on current diagram (context menu option)
Addition of ability to 'pin' start and end points on a connector line between elements (connector context menu option)
Editable tree labels
Active objects support. Objects which have an Active Class as their classifier now are draw with thick borders
Concurrent messages in sequence diagram. Allow setting of messages at same height to inidcate concurrency
User tools menu. Allows addition of custom user tools - supports additional paramters for current diagram, element and package
Customizable toolbars. Includes ability to place main menu items onto toolbars - including submenus as toolbar drop menu button
Open project dialog set to foreground on open - and EA application workspace loaded before open dialog shows
Additional detail in connector documentation (RTF) for connector source role and connector end role
Fixed some issues with case-sensitive tablenames in MySQL
Addition of 'Scenario' tab to docked properties window. Support quick addition and editing of element scenarios
Element position (x,y co-ordinates) missing in locked diagrams. Fixed.
Addition of extra complexity types (Extreme and Unknown) which can be activated in the View Options dialog. Affects Use Case estimation
Allow open project to be compacted using the Admin/Compact Project facility. Current project suggested by default
Additional menu icons
Additional Toolbar for turning on/off dockable windows such as project browser, properties, tests etc.
Changed a few 'Cancel' buttons to read 'Close' where meaning was confusing
Collaboration messages now drawn with arrow stem as well as arrow head. Also, arrow head now treated as 'hit point' when selecting message.
Plus other minor bug fixes