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Delphi Source Code Import
« on: September 28, 2011, 07:38:10 pm »

I have the task to document a rather large source code construct written in Delphi (Pascal).  I am using the standard tool within the Enterprise Architect -> "Tools\Source Code Engineering\Import Source Directory....".

The problem I met is the following:
* In Delphi\Pascal there are constructs called Units (modules). A unit can declare and implement Objects, Types, Procedures and Functions and so on.
* The EA-Source Code analyzer is able to import Objects correctly, but when it comes to Functions and Procedures on Unit Level it simply ignores them.

This situation is rather unsatisfying, because a large part of the source code consists of functions and procedures on Unit level.

What is missing, is a grouping level like: Create a package for each unit and then including everything what is there: function, procedures, types, objects a.s.o..

Any hint on how to deal with this situation is most welcome.

With best regards to you all from Berlin/Germany.

Hartmut Jung