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Version 3.51 - Build 612 Released
« on: May 21, 2003, 12:27:26 am »
Changes in Build 612
Addition of support for using ORACLE 9i or greater as the repository for an EA project
     - Required scripts are located on Corporate resource pages
     - Data transfer functions also modified to work with Oracle
Added check box to Set Instance State dialog to "Merge State with Instance Name" - will append [State] to instance name
Added menu option on Connector for Association Class link to automatically add the Association Class if it is not currently in the selected diagram
Fixed issue with RTF language substitution function - "Figure" was not being handled correctly
Added option (in View/Options Diagram page) to allow changing diagram created date. If checked, created date is editable on diagram dialog
Fixed problem with importing packages in XMI format to DBMS repositories. In some cases diagrams did not appear in Project Browser
Fixed problem with importing Delphi source code where class with many implemented interfaces could be imported without all interfaces
Fixed issue with Instance Classifier dialog not showing caption under certain circumstances
Fixed issue with Diagram Hyperlink not working when the default was not to generate pages for notes or text
Fixed duplication of mnemonic on Operations dialog (Const and Cancel)
Added option in RTF diagram to use 'Simple Names' for elements. This removes the scope and modifiers from the element name in the final document
Added option to add initializers to output source code in C++ implementation file. A tagged value of "initializer" will result in EA appending ":" + the initializer value to the source
Fixed autocounters for element task, issue, change etc.
Removed some autocounters in the list which were not relevant
Added drop list of 'owned states' to "Set Instance State" dialog. An owned state is one which appears under an element in the project browser
Modified local option 'Sequence message Vertical Gap" to now be saved on a per project basis - rather than a per person basis
Fixed error in generation of Package notes in RTF when using the <Basic> style
Fixed problem with package Alias always being used in RTF output when set, and not when explicitly asked for only
Changes to the XSD Schema generator
     - Import elements are generated for each referenced package whose targetNamespace tagged value differs from the target package's targetNamespace.
     - Include elements are generated for each referenced package sharing the targetPackage's namespace.
     - Added "schemaLocation" as a tagged value for the XSDschema stereotype.  It is generated in the include and import elements.
     - TargetNamespace prefix gets included in the schema element, if targetNamespacePrefix tagged value is specified for an XSDschema package.
     - The Encoding value in the processing instruction is omitted if the encoding field in the GenXSD dialogue is empty.
     - TargetNamespace prefixes are used in ref elements for external types.
Fixed problem when generating VB6 source - class specific Advanced Options were being overridden by the global equivalents at run time
Added automation method to GetCurrentDiagram() from the open model
Added ability to hide or show 'Package' scoped features in a diagram to the Diagram Dialog
Fixed error in picking up project default language when showing the Import Source Directory dialog
Moving a Collaboration message now marks the current diagram as dirty
Fixed error with RTF Report dialog when saving template with all options and filters set. Length of opetions style string was too long.
Added ability to mark a collaboration message as 'Return' and have it show with 'dashed' line appearance
Length of Collaboration 'tails' increased and some small adjustments made to position of associated text
Changing a text font will now mark diagram as dirty
From search dialog, Locate Related Element in Browser now works for Package as well as other elements
Added Automation method to Repository to GetConnectorByID(long ConnectorID)
Added 'Apply' button to Diagram Properties dialog
Fixed problem with data transfer between MySQL and SQL Server (NULL able columns)
Fixed problem with Association Class - link to association was not draw if Association Class was off screen - but association was on screen
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