Author Topic: BUG - HTML report files - invalid XML  (Read 3971 times)


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BUG - HTML report files - invalid XML
« on: February 01, 2008, 01:12:25 am »
I had a quick search on HTML report and couldn't find a previous report

In the HTML export, files are saved to /js/data that contain table of contents entries.  Trouble is they are saved with an XML extension despite being largely untroubled by angle brackets.

AFAIK the XML spec says that is an XML processor encounters a file declaring itself to be XML, it should attempt to validate it.  Of course if this directory is uploaded to an XML database - say eXist - it will be rejected as invalid XML and the HTML report will not function.

When using eXist the workaround is to change the file name for upload and re-name it through WebDav interface.  But the product should not use the .xml extension for files that are clearly not html.