Author Topic: Double packages after updating !!  (Read 1197 times)


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Double packages after updating !!
« on: March 04, 2011, 10:11:48 pm »
We have the following strange issue:

After doing a GetAllLatest it happens that some of my controlled packages contains themself once again...

The structure before updateing:

- Child1
- Child2
- Child3

The structure after updating:

- Child1
  - Child1
- Child2
- Child3

Furthermore the version of Child1 and its contained Child1 are not the same...

The only way to get back to the previous setting is by checking out the parent package, removing the Child1's and reimporing them via ImportModelBranch. This works around it until the next time the bug strikes and the package is doubled again...

Anybody else observed this behaviour?

After the appearence of this bug, when I try to do GetLatest on the upper Child1 package, EA gives the following Error message:

Error: Root import package already exists in another location
Conflict is with existing package: 'Child1'

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