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To purchase an academic license, we require some documentation which proves your academic status. To fast-track this process, you can use the form below to submit this. We accept the following current documentation as proof:

  • Student ID or
  • Staff ID or
  • Letter of Enrolment (Student) or
  • Letter of Employment (Staff) or
  • A URL to a listing of your name on your institution's website

Alternatively you can fax your details and academic proof to us on +61 3 5345 1104.

When we receive this information we will email you details on how to place your order depending on your selections. On completion of the transaction you will be sent an email providing you with your registration key (for full license purchase), username, password and installation instructions.

Please view our academic pricing schedule before submitting this form.

If you experience an error with this form, please email your details and proof to

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