New Modeling Languages

Enterprise Architect has upgraded support to the latest release of several modeling languages which include BPMN 2.0, SOMF 2.1, SysML 1.2 and BPEL 2.0. These updates allow you to describe business processes using BPMN 2.0 and generate BPEL 2.0 code to better orchestrate web services. Use SOMF 2.1 to explore Cloud Computing Notation and service orientated computing. Develop SysML projects to specify, analyze and design complex systems withy the inclusion of instance specifications and structured activity nodes.

BPMN 2.0

Describe your business processes and workflows using the latest BPMN 2.0 standard that includes support for new event and diagram types, symbols for different types of tasks and extended options for the modeling of data in processes.

Model your business process using a combination of four diagram types:

  • Conversation
  • Choreography
  • Collaboration
  • Business Process

SOMF 2.1

Design systems that target a service paradigm with SOMF 2.1, a modeling framework that covers the full life-cycle of product development. SOMF 2.1 provides tactical and strategic solutions to enterprise problems and also includes a new commercial Cloud Computing Modeling Notation (CCMN) for software development projects.

SysML 1.2

SysML 1.2 supports a broad range of complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, processes, personnel and facilities. Specify, design and analyze complex models for controlling and operating embedded systems and complex devices, using the latest SysML 1.2 diagram types. Plan, design and document your systems under development. SysML 1.2 also provides updated support for instance specifications and structured activity nodes.

BPEL 2.0

Orchestrate your web based business services using BPEL 2.0. Create an executable language for specifying actions within a business process. BPEL 2.0 includes new activity types,variable initialization and improved termination handling.

Use BPMN 2.0 to model business processes and then automatically generate a text based business process modeling language which includes precise execution semantics. Enterprise Architect also supports BPEL model validation for checking syntax and semantics.