The Enterprise Experience

Enterprise Architect 9 offers new and expanded tools to help keep your project on track. The suite of new tools includes a Project Calendar to track resources and schedule events. Gantt Charts help visualize task allocations to make more effective decisions and improve resource utilization. Use Model Mail to discuss project issues and link to pertinent model elements without leaving the project environment. View and edit work allocations to maximize staff productivity and meet project deadlines.

Working Sets

Working Sets help save time be allowing you to rapidly switch between project roles without ever losing context. Store a set of diagrams and model views that can be re-opened in a subsequent session. Gain instant access to frequently used Diagrams and Model Views every time you launch Enterprise Architect. Manage multiple Working Sets that are tailored to different project roles or domains.


The Project Calendar provides an overview of upcoming events, project milestones and allocated resources. Create custom events and record milestones that can be easily identified using unique colors and detailed notes. Use filters to rapidly locate specific events and milestones.

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts allow you to monitor the progress of each project task to deliver projects on time and on budget. Each activity is plotted against time to provide information about scheduling, performance and event duration. You can monitor impending deadlines and allocate additional resources to tasks that are behind schedule. Gantt charts provide status updates, improve time management and help to motivate staff.

Project Tasks

Manage your work priorities by viewing all of your project level tasks from a single location. You can record the priority, status, start date and end date for each task. Sort and filter Project tasks to address upcoming deadlines and schedule your time accordingly.

Model Mail

Model Mail is a powerful communication tool that can help your team collaborate and discuss project related issues without leaving the project environment. This powerful communication tool allows any team member to embed links to Team Review items, Diagrams and relevant model elements. Create mail groups to send targeted mail to keep your entire team on the same page.


Keep up to date with your process flow by viewing your own Workflow items directly from the Personal Information view. Easily swap between different Workflow sets and clearly view their status.

Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis Matrix can help clearly identify the investment required to achieve a particular outcome or future state. By identifying potential gaps, you can calculate the time and resources required to build a solution. This information helps you make decisions and optimize resource utilization to meet specific needs. Plan the steps required to turn your vision into a reality.