The Modeling Experience

Enterprise Architect 9 enhances your modeling experience with new Diagram Filters on Connectors, improved visual communication tools and a streamlined Properties dialog. Deliver quality results with an updated Package Browser, Whiteboard free-form drawing toolbox and enhanced Win 32 tools for creating prototypes and wire frames. Experience the all new Hand Drawn mode, designed to create informal diagrams that elicit feedback and foster greater creativity.

Hand Drawn and Whiteboard Rendering

The all new Whiteboard technology provides a selection of custom shapes, call-outs, arrows and lines that can create free-form drawings. Enterprise Architect can render diagrams to look as if they were hand drawn. This informal style can be used to identify a diagram as a work in progress, helping to elicit feedback, encourage creativity and foster greater discussion about model development.

Package Browser

The new Package Browser streamlines the process of creating and updating elements in a package that have been selected in the Project Browser. Tagged Values can now be dragged onto the Package Browser to provide a complete understanding of each Element. Each column contains a text-based filter to rapidly search for items. For example, you can identify all elements created by a particular author or any element with a status equal to Approved.

New Properties Dialog

The layout of the Properties dialog has been significantly improved, making it easier to locate and edit element properties. View technology specific Tagged values from separate pages. Navigate properties for Elements, Connectors, Attributes and Operations via a convenient tree structure.

Visual Change of Z-Order

Enterprise Architect can view and change the z-order of each element via a convenient Modify Z-Order dialog. Use arrows to modify the Z-order of each element, which can in-turn be used to adjust the tab-order of Win32 User Interface elements.

Win32 User Interface

Win32 User Interface tools have been significantly enhanced to help you build better wire frames and screen mock-ups. Link each User Interface component to related elements within your model. Updated Win32 User Interface components can be used to model buttons, Combo boxes, display-dialogs, controls and much more. You can also run scripts for import and export of dialogs from .RC files.

Diagram Filters and Line Jogs

Enterprise Architect has enhanced support for suppressing and modifying the appearance of connectors using Diagram Filters. Enterprise Architect also supports a 'Line Jog' for intersecting lines to help improve the appearance of diagrams.