Integration for Microsoft® Office

Recent Features


This section lists the features of MDG Office Integration build:




MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 24)
10th of June 2022
  • SysML Requirements Manager(Excel)
    • MDG Office Integration introduces a new feature exclusively to handle the SysML requirements via Excel
      • Included a new option "SysML Requirement Manager" along with existing "Export to EA" in the Excel - Enterprise Architect ribbon
      • Added support to sync the updated Requirements and its Relationships from Excel to EA
      • Added support to refresh the updated Requirements and its Relationships from EA to Excel
      • New Menu item added in MDG Office Integration Add-in in Enterprise Architect
      • Added support to open SYSML requirements on Microsoft Excel from Enterprise Architect
  • SharePoint
    • Disabled the SharePoint Feature due to incompatibility with modern SharePoint
  • General
    • Added support for Cloud Connection to EA repositories in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 'Enterprise Architect' Ribbon
    • Corrected the proper import of element Properties ('Status', 'Version', 'Priority') when Importing from Excel or Word
    • Corrected the proper import of the date type tagged value for Excel import
    • Icons have been updated to match the current Microsoft Office products
    • Re-arranged the menu items categorised for ease of access
    • Enhanced the user guide to include the latest features
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 23)
27th of April 2022
    • Compatibility with the final release of EA 16 64 bit.
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 22)
23th of March 2022
    • Importing values into a Memo tagged value will now right the value correctly.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value not being created when the value is empty in the Excel to be imported to EA.
    • Corrected the "Status" Property (Pass, Fail, etc.) of an Unit Tests assosciated with an Element not getting imported earlier.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value import from Excel to EA for the Elements Attributes, such as Initial Value, Scope, Multiplicity-Containment, Stereotype and Type.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value Names with Numeric Value (Example: Weight100, 10Level, Metric1KG, etc.) which are not getting created for the Classifiers such as Attributes, Methods & Method Parameters.
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 21)
16th of November 2021
    • Supports both Enterprise Architect 32 bit and 64 bit
    • Supports Help document to open in default browser
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 20) BETA
19th of October 2021

This version of MDG Office Integration is intended solely as a BETA version to test new features and should not be used in a production environment, or with production models.

  • Excel
    • Fixed an issue with auto counters while importing from Excel sheet
    • Added support to map specific column as GUID column in Excel
    • Enhanced Parent mapping and importing techniques in Excel
    • "Hierarchy Setting" screen has been removed from Excel Profile
    • Added support for Connector and its properties import from separate Excel Sheet
    • Excel Connector issue has been fixed.(Connector column either side of name column is supported)
    • Excel Profile have support csv(Comma Seperated Values) in Stereotypes filed
    • Select All checkbox added for the 'Scenarios and Constraints tab' of Excel Export
    • Added Null check in Excel and word importer with profile creation
    • Cleared a bug in Excel importer - On preview select
  • Powerpoint
    • Fixed an error while dragging a diagram into Powerpoint slide from the EA project Browser within Powerpoint
    • Remove the limitation where a Powerpoint table can create only 76 rows
    • Added support to import more object properties in Powerpoint
    • In PowerPoint added support for Connector(Relations)
  • Visio
    • Fixed an exception being raised during importing Visio files
    • Fixed a Visio Import issue where the connectors were not being imported
    • Fixed several issues with regards to types of elements and connectors were not being imported on Visio import
    • Fixed the issues while importing sequence diagrams from Visio files
    • Fixed an issue where EA hangs while importing a Visio file
  • Common
    • Added support to *.eapx and *.feap files in Excel,Word and Powerpoint
    • Allow importing into tagged value notes
    • Fixed issues with the import being ended abruptly and few types of elements and connectors were not being imported
    • Fixed an issue of where if the tag values are over 255 characters then convert them to tag notes and avoid the data loss
    • Fixed the issue with escaping characters from the element notes
    • Fixed the issue where attributes memo type tag values were containing the text "memo" instead of the tag notes
    • Fixed an issue where while exporting elements with multiple stereotypes only first stereotype was being exported
    • Fixed an issue where the parts are not tied to their parent blocks properly
    • Improve Import progress bar to reflect Synchronization status
    • Server connection issue has been fixed
    • Added support to Export Scenarios and Constraints for the objects
    • CaseStudy, pre-defined profiles and documents are given
    • Added support to import Container Type for normal Attribute
    • Added support to import length property for Table Column Attribute
    • Connector Stereotype has been supported without full namespace also
    • Added support to import Connector by using GUID Value
    • Added support to import Classifier by using GUID Value
    • Fixed Connector Direction Issues
    • While importing attributes or operation or glossary or testscript excess package creation is restricted
    • Sharepoint Connectivity is optimised
    • Removed sharepoint assembly -Due to Version incompatible


MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 7)
14th of November 2016
    • Sharepoint integration has been added.Now files can be imported and exported from sharepoint
    • Added FIPS Security Spport
    • Synchronization in Word importer has been improved
    • Added support for Trace relationship type
    • Allow Multiline values to be imported for Usecase Constraints
    • Added stereotype filter setting for connectors and elements in export to excel
    • Added support to import multiple Alternate paths, Exception Paths and constraints
    • Added support to importing glossary from excel
    • Added support for importing Method Parameter, some additional properties and TestScripts
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 6)
27th of September 2015
    • Added support for PostgreSQL
    • Validation for not editing multiple selected parent names
    • Added support for importing .xlsm files
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 5)
5th of September 2015
    • Added updated text files
    • DBType issue was fixed.Now both odbc and oleDb connections can be established
    • Added connector import options in word
    • Added option for importing excel with Multiple parents
    • Added support for 64bit office integration
    • Added support for adding connector streotypes
    • Added Auto hierarchy function in word and excel profile creation
    • Updated sync for post condition and pre-condition
    • Create parent packages option been added for Parent mappings
    • Warning been added for profile creations
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 4)
21th of July 2015
    • Installation Updated to allow installation to all users
    • Hierarchy configuration screen User experience improved
    • Allow importing Excel contents into existing packages
    • Improved support for SQL Server and MySQL repositories
    • Support import Excel cells with formula
    • PowerPoint EA Project explorer alignment corrected
    • Reduce popups during the time of Office load
    • Text strings for controls updated
    • Added support to specify stereotype for imported headers in MS Word
    • Added support to import connectors from Word Documents
    • Added synchronization information in Excel Export
    • Added support to assign resources from Excel Import
    • connector mapping screen will be displayed, if the profile has connector definitions
    • New updated User Interface has been added in export Excel
    • Added test case export from EA to Excel