Robust Team Based Systems Engineering


Specify, analyze and design large scale systems using SysML with Enterprise Architect.

MDG Technology for SysML provides a rich, team-based modeling environment for Systems Engineering. Tightly integrated with Sparx Systems’ award-winning Enterprise Architect, MDG Technology for SysML helps engineers to specify requirements, design robust systems and model with all 9 SysML diagrams.

Simulate with OpenModelica

Rapid and robust evaluation of SysML models

  • Simulate and graph
  • Describe and annotate
  • Generate OpenModelica code
  • Extensive resources Library

Enterprise Architect delivers the ultimate modeling solution for Systems Engineering!

Specify system behavior with SysML Requirements. Design nested systems and subsystems with SysML Blocks and Parts. Analyze system-to-system behavior using Interaction Diagrams, Activities and State Machines. Define system dynamics and enforce correctness with Parametric and Constraint blocks.

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