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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Model Domains

Enterprise Architect is a powerful and comprehensive analysis and design, execution and testing tool that helps you to create models of enterprise, business, engineering, real-time and software systems. Its feature set is so rich that no matter what you want to do there is almost always a tool feature that will help you achieve the task. Enterprise Architect supports a wide range of frameworks, modeling languages and technology platforms and languages. Every discipline will benefit from using the tool, and when an entire team is using the tool the models created by each group can be seamlessly integrated into a whole that will bring great clarity and efficiency to the project or program of work and substantially reduce the risk of failure.

High level managers can create Mind Maps, and strategic thinkers can create stakeholder profiles and define business goals and drivers; Enterprise Architects can create road maps and application inventories, Analysts can describe current and future process models, and Requirements Analysts can create requirement models. On the solution side of the model, a Solutions Architect can detail the interfaces between applications, developers can create code stubs, and Testers can define test cases, just to detail a few possibilities.

Enterprise Architect allows you to follow any project methodology, whether it is an Agile process or a formal military process or one of the standard frameworks such as TOGAF or Zachman. You are also free to set up your own modeling process, and Enterprise Architect has built in features for defining software development processes. Modeling can start at any point and in real projects it typically doesn’t follow the sequences described in text books; Enterprise Architect allows you to work in a flexible way but supports you with a versatile set of tools.

Enterprise Architect has a flexible feature that helps you to create Profiles of the UML so even if you cannot find a suitable modeling solution built into the core product, you can extend the tool by creating your own profile.

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