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The Mono Debugger

Mono is a software platform sponsored by the .NET Foundation to facilitate cross-platform development. It is popular with game developers for its rich gaming, API-based and portability features.

Enterprise Architect provides support to the Mono community by providing a modern environment for both modeling and developing software. Existing projects can be imported, built and debugged natively on both Linux and Windows.


Debugging under Mono involves the cooperation of three processes.  The Mono runtime manages the application and communicates using a socket protocol with the Enterprise Architect Debugger, which in turn communicates with Enterprise Architect acting as the front end.  When you launch Mono you need to direct it to support debugging, which you achieve using a command line directive in which you name the host and Port number that Mono should listen on. The host can be omitted, in which case Mono will accept connections from any IP address. The host can have the value 'localhost' to restrict connections to the same machine. The Port number is a number of your choosing.

The host and Port number are the important pieces of information, as they are used when configuring the Analyzer Script.

Requirements for Windows

  • Enterprise Architect (version 14 minimum)
  • Mono for Windows (version 5.4 minimum)

Requirements for Linux

  • Enterprise Architect (version 14 minimum)
  • Mono for Linux (version 5.4 minimum)
  • Wine for Linux

The Runtime Host Page

This page is optional and is only useful where Mono and Enterprise Architect will be running on the same machine. It provides the ability to run Mono first with the required debugging directives, before the Enterprise Architect debugger is started. After the debugger connects, it resumes the Mono runtime, which has been started as suspended. If the application runs on a different machine from the Enterprise Architect you are using, you should clear this section.