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Add-ins & Scripting

Enterprise Architect has an incredible range of built-in features for working with models, but it also provides a range of environments for accessing and manipulating the contents of a repository programmatically. This is an extremely useful facility that gives you unlimited ability to query and manipulate models, add to the Enterprise Architect user interface, generate reports, and even create support for new modeling languages. The Automation Interface gives you access to the Object Model, which is an easy-to-use and well defined set of objects with properties and methods that can be used to query and manipulate the repository and its contents, shielding the programmer from having to know the underlying repository data structures.

The Automation Interface is available from a scripting framework built into the Enterprise Architect user interface, through external scripting environments, or through Add-Ins that can be built in a wide range of programming languages.





Learn about the flexible and easy-to-use scripting capability to programmatically inspect and/or modify elements within your currently open model.

Object Model

Discover the Enterprise Architect Object Model. Write your own custom programs that access the information stored in Enterprise Architect.

Add-In Model

The Enterprise Architect Add-In Model helps you build on the features provided by the Automation Interface to enable you to extend the Enterprise Architect user interface.

MDG Add-Ins

MDG Add-Ins are specialized types of Add-In that have additional features and extra requirements. MDG Add-Ins are focused on generation, synchronization and general processes concerned with converting models to code and code to models.

Code Samples and Reference

Access the wealth of knowledge and samples to help you complete your Add-In.