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Locking Model Elements

If you need to set a lock on a Package, element or diagram, or clear that lock, you can do so from either the Browser window or - for an element or diagram - from within a diagram. You follow one of three procedures, depending on whether you are:

  • Locking an element or diagram under the 'User/Group Locking' security policy
  • Locking a Package under the 'User/Group Locking' security policy
  • Locking an element or diagram under the 'Require User Lock to Edit' security policy

You can also lock all elements, diagrams or Packages in a selected group, at once. The procedures are the same as for locking individual objects, subject to the comments provided here.


  • You must have 'Lock Elements' permission to lock an element or diagram

Locking multiple objects together

You can select multiple objects in the Browser window, and lock them at the same time. The multiple objects should be of the same type; that is, several Packages OR several diagrams OR several elements. The selected objects must also have the same parent and therefore be peers.

When you have selected the objects to lock, right-click on one of them and:

  • Under 'User/Group Locking' policy, select:
         -  Lock Element(s)
         -  Lock Diagrams(s)  or
         -  Lock Package(s)
  • Under 'Require User Lock to Edit' policy, select:
         -  Apply/Release User Lock(s)

If there is a locking conflict with any item to be locked - for example, a different user or group has locked the individual item - that item is ignored by the locking process and a warning error is added to the System Output window; this avoids multiple popup dialog warnings.

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