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Model Simulation

Enterprise Architect is much more than just a modeling tool and a repository for your business, technology, and engineering models. The platform has sophisticated facilities that allow you to bring your models to life with simulation and watch the wheels turn, tools to manipulate and transform your models programmatically, and execution analysis to create profoundly beneficial models of built applications.

The simulation facilities extend across business, technology, and engineering models. They include tools to simulate business and technology, Decision Models, Business Process diagrams, StateMachines, and Parametric diagrams of complex physics and mathematical equations. There are also bridges to specialist tools such as BPSim, Modelica, and MatLab that allow you to create expressive visualizations and profoundly useful analytics.

Models are not raster-based but are stored in a purpose-built database and can be manipulated, embellished, and transformed using a range of programming facilities from model-driven transformations, in-model and hybrid scripts, and Add-Ins to fully-fledged and embedded applications.

Visual execution analysis allows the modeler or software engineer to build, debug, record, profile, simulate, and otherwise construct and verify your software development while keeping the code tightly integrated with the system models. The suite of tools creates productivity gains, revealing insights into running applications that can locate code hot-spots and provide opportunities for optimization.